Known for its rich, savory flavor and exhilarating aroma, Zeta olive oil has been a leading Israeli brand for over two decades, winning multiple awards and meeting the highest international standards.

Packed with nutrients and Mediterranean notes and flavors, each bottle is equipped with our patented, money saving, easy to use pop up spout, letting you control your portions in every serving.

Raw, vegan, Kosher.

Flavors: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Weight: 750 ml / 1 liter.


Our collection of flavored olive oils offers all the benefits of our award winning, premium olive oils, infused with enticing notes of zesty lemon, fragrant herbs and spicy red pepper. Bottled in our easy to use, pop up spout, Zeta allows you add just the right amount of kick to every home cooked meal.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Basil & Garlic.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Red Hot Pepper.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Hyssop.

Weight: 250 ml.


Add a little excitement to your meal, with Zeta’s fresh, premium olives.

Sliced, pitted or cracked, Zeta olives are the perfect complement for every dish, salad, sandwich or snack. And with a wide variety of flavors to choose from like lemon, garlic, red pepper and herbs, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

With no preservatives or artificial colors, Zeta olives are conveniently packed in recyclable containers, easy to open, reuse and store with refrigeration or without.


Green Olives in Galilean seasoning with Extra Virgin olive oil.

Italian seasoning Green Olives in Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Kalamata Olives in Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Cracked Syrian Olive with pickled Lemon in Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Weight: 215/230 G.