Established in 1849, Wissotzky group is leading food & beverage manufacturer and distributor in Israel, with a growing international business.

A family owned company, Wissotzky group has been cultivating the art of tea blending throughout 5 generations of tea experts, for over 170 years and counting.

Today Wissotzky offers a wide range of tea blends, olive oils & olives and baked goods.



Klonimus Wolff Wissotzky establishes the Wissotzky Tea Company in Moscow. The excellent, high quality products quickly led the company to acquire a large number of loyal customers across the Russian Empire and in neighboring countries.

The Wissotzky Tea Company expands its commercial activity across Europe, establishing a factory in Poland and opening Wissotzky branches in New York and London, the latter was managed by famous writer Achad Ha’am.

Shimon Zeidler, a descendant of the Wissotzky family establishes the first tea factory in Israel.

Aida, Shimon’s widow, establishes Wissotzky as Israel’s leading tea company.

The factory is moved from Ha’hashmonaim Street in Tel Aviv to Petach Tikva.

Wissotzky establishes an innovative, state-of-the-art plant in the Galilee. Wissotzky’s green tea revolution is launched and the brand becomes synonymous with a healthy lifestyle.

Wissotzky purchases Zeta Ltd. and took its first step in becoming one of Israel’s leading food groups.

Wissotzky expands its activity as a food company and acquires Lahmi –a quality popular brand of cookies.

Wissotzky officially becomes a leading food group in Israel.

Wissotzky launches its innovative logistical center in Shoham, where it distributes to 700 points of sale in Israel.

Wissotzky begins importing high-quality brands from overseas, including Grand Italia, Ulker, McVities’ and Godiva.

Wissotzky enters the cold beverage market with Wissotzky Iced Tea Infusions.

Enlarge production site to three advanced factories facilities – Tea, Bakery and Olive oil products.